Life goals

“::puts on I’m Real- Jlo feat Ja Rule::

The Husband: ooh babe we should do this for karaoke

::high fives::

The Husband: babe put that in your phone! Make that a life goal.

New Year New Me: Why Being an Introvert is Where It’s At

Recently, I’ve been subconsciously morphing into an introvert. My desire for human interaction has just reached an all time low. Initially when I noticed my social life was dying I tried to breath life into it; saddened, I felt I was missing out on things. But I’ve started to appreciate the loneliness. There’s a certain peace of mind you get when you’re alone that can’t be replicated in the presence of others: having to be considerate of no-one but yourself, taking your time and doing things your way, the silence and absence of conflict is…beautiful. Productive. A learning experience. With that being said, I’ve decided to take a social hiatus. I feel like there’s so much more I need to learn about myself…

Thankful: An A to Z Guide to Giving Thanks…G…H

G is for….

the ‘Gram

After several years of taking a hiatus from Instagram, I decided to put myself back out there and created an IG for Thoughtsbelike. Its been the best thing I could do for the blog thus far. Instagram has come along way; I remember when it was just a pic sharing iPhone exclusive app. Now you can upload videos, advertise, and promote. It’s the perfect way to branch out to a broader audience while also keeping up with friends and pop culture. And for that, I’m grateful. Thankful: An A to Z Guide to Giving Thanks…G…H